Acarology and Insect Biosystematics

Estimation of crop loss due to mite infesting okra and chillies

  • Screening of okra, tomato and chilli germplasm against phytophagous mites and identification of resistance mechanism(s).
  • Monitoring acaricide resistance in Tetranychus urticae to dicofol, fenazaquin...
  • Stored Product Entomology

  • Design and development of mechanical devices for the management of various stages of both external and internal feeders of stored grains.
  • Design and development of Insecticide Resistance Management strategies for Indian grain storage warehouses.
  • Studies on modified atmospheric storage for insect-free seed and grain storage and to develop suitable containers for CO2 fumigation and storage of grains.
  • Apiculture

  • Standardization of floral mapping for migratory bee keeping.
  • Queen bee breeding for selection of Thai Sac Brood Virus resistant stocks in Indian bees.
  • Assessment of pollinator’s diversity on different flora and estimation of pollen load transfer by in...