Nematology Education

Education - Undergraduate (2011 Syllabus)

Courses are offered to undergraduate degree programmes namely B.Sc (Ag.), B.Tech (Biotechnology), B.Tech (Horticulture) and, B.Sc (Sericulture). ICAR-JRF coaching classes are being conducted for the benefit of students. Sizable portion of ICAR-JRF were bagged by this department.

B.Sc. (Agriculture), B.Tech. (Biotechnology) and B.Sc. (Sericulture)

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
ANM 201 Introductory Nematology 1+1

B.Sc. (Horticulture) and B.Tech (Horticulture)

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
HNM 311 Nematode management in Horticulture crops 1+1

Education - Postgraduate (offered since 1979)

Masters Degree Courses

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
NEM 601 Nematode Morphology 2+1
NEM 602 Nematode Taxonomy 2+1
NEM 603 Nematode Diseases of Crops 2+1
NEM 604 Nematological Technique 1+2
NEM 606 Nematode Interaction with Microorganisms 2+1
NEM 607 Nematode Ecology 1+1
NEM 608 Host Plant Resistance 2+1
NEM 609 Entomophilic Nematodes 1+1
NEM 610 Biological Control of Nematodes 2+1
NEM 611 Principles and Methods of Nematode Management 2+1
NEM 612 Application of Advanced Technique in Nematology 2+1
NEM 620 Plant Quarantine 1+0

Education - Doctorate Courses (offered since 1991)

Doctorate Courses (Major)

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
NEM 801 Advances in Nematode Taxonomy 2+1
NEM 802 Nematode Biosystematics 2+1
NEM 803 Molecular and Cellular Nematology 3+0
NEM 804 Advances in Nematological Technique 2+1
NEM 805 Beneficial Nematodes 2+1
NEM 806 Advances in Nematode Management 2+1
NEM 807 Plant Health Diagnostics and Management 2+2

Doctorate Courses (Biological Control)

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
NEM 811 Biological suppression of Nematodes 2+1
NEM 812 Mechanisms of Nematode Antagonists 2+1
NEM 813 Nematode parasites and Pathogens of Insects 2+1

Doctorate Courses (Host Plant Resistance)

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
NEM 821 Advances in Host Plant Resistance 2+1
NEM 822 Molecular Basis of Plant Nematode Interaction 2+1
NEM 823 Plant Nematode Relationship 2+1